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The machine must never be used for operations other than those specifically described in this manual, and exclusively with the bars and chains included. This machine must never be used when users are tired, or not in good physical condition, or if under the effect of any substance that may alter their physical or mental condition Make certain that the user knows how to stop the motor and chain in case of necessity.

Take great care and pay close attention at all times when using this machine, following all general behaviour rules according to good sense.

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Control checks. Check the machine with care before use each time, especially if it has been subject to strong impact, or if eco slim produktas shows any signs of malfunction.

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Check that the machine has been assembled correctly, that all components are in correct condition and perfectly clean. Make sure that all spanners and tools used for adjustment eco slim produktas have been removed, that all screws and nuts are in their correct housing and tightened correctly, and that the bar and the chain are mounted correctly.

Repairs and Maintenance. In the case of damaged or worn components, always use exclusively spare parts that are available from official distributors.

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Where necessary, all other machine parts must be replaced exclusively by an Authorised Service Centre. In any of the cases described above, the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property.

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In the case of any doubt, please contact an Authorised Service Centre. Maintenance in complete safety. All maintenance, assembly, disassembly and oil tank filling operations must be performed with the machine set in a stable position on a flat solid surface and with the cable plug disconnected from the electricity supply unless this is explicitly specified otherwise.

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The chain must be stopped and the user must wear suitable protective gloves. Do not wear sandals and never work bare-footed.

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All protective clothing should be in good condition and well maintained. Health precautions — Vibrations and Noise levels. Avoid using the machine for long periods of time: the noise and vibrations can be dangerous causing irritation, stress, fatigue and hypacusia hearing problems.

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This can lead to a lack of sensitivity in the hands making it difficult to notice changes in temperature as well as causing numbness. When using the machine regularly or in continuation, the user must piruvat la pierderea în greutate the condition of his hands very carefully.

If any of the symptoms described above appear, consult a doctor immediately.

Avoid all chain oil contact with skin and eyes. Health precautions - Electricity.

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All extension cords, plugs, and electricity supply must be approved to standard and in compliance with current regulations. Make sure that the mains supply to which the machine is connected is equipped with a residual current device RCD with a tripping current no higher than 30mA.

Make sure that all cables, plugs, and the residual current device are in correct working condition, that they comply with required characteristics, are mounted or hooked up correctly and are perfectly clean.

Never disconnect the machine from the mains supply by pulling on the cable.

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Never use or store the machine and extension cord in damp environments. If eco slim produktas cable is damaged in any way, disconnect immediately from the main line socket, taking great care not to touch any exposed wires. Avoid all contact with grounded surfaces when using the machine metal piping, cables, lightening conductors, etc. When working outdoors, all extension cords attached to the machine must be approved for use out of doors.

Avoid tying any knots in electric cables and never use rolled up extension cords.

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Health precautions - Heat. During use, sprocket and chain reach very high temperatures, take care not to touch these parts while hot.

Health precautions — Sharp or moving parts. Never touch the chain except when the machine is switched off; in any case, always take great care since the chain is very sharp and can cut even when stopped. Work area.

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Check the whole work area carefully to check for any danger source e. Cluttered areas can lead to injuries: before using the machine remove any stones, glass, cables, metal components, cans, bottles and any other foreign matter from the work area.

Also take into consideration any danger risks that may not be noticed because of machine noise.

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Make sure that a second person is within calling distance in the case of accident.