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In order to spare the blushes of the white Russians, the finger of blame has now been pointed by anti-Semites at the vast numbers of Jews within the Red army—said to number roughlySolid proof that most of the Red army rapists were Jews, however, is sadly lacking. The same applies if you point the finger of blame at the Asiatics within the Red army : at the huge number of Mongols, Tatars and Chinese.

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Again, solid proof of larger-than-average Asiatic guilt is lacking. So if Germany is ever to obtain financial compensation at some future date for the mass rape of its womenfolk during the period, it will have a wide range of rapist groups to choose from : the Russians, the Jews, the Mongols, the Tatars, the Chinese, the Americans, the Brits, the French, and the Moroccans in the French army.

They will all pierdere în greutate jobs calgary to pay. This is not a digression. I am coming to the point. I am fully aware that this article is about American war atrocities in Japan and not about Russian war atrocities in Germany. My point is simply this: while the Russians were raping and pillaging Germany, the Americans were raping and pillaging Japan. These atrocities against the helpless and innocent civilian populations of the two defeated nations, Germany and Japan, were taking place simultaneously at the tail end of World War Two and in its immediate aftermath.

In contrast, the Japanese holocaust remains relatively unknown.

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The untold story of the rape of Japan, though told to a few, has yet to be told to the many. We do our best not to rape too many of them!

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They, too, are chivalrous knights in shining armor who would never dream of raping women en masse—except, of course, in exceptional circumstances. A quick look at what the Americans got up to in Japan—the subject of the groundbreaking article by Thomas Goodrich which you are about to read—will cure you of any delusions of American chastity and sexual self-control.

All my delusions of American righteousness and uber-nobility flew out of the window when I read this mind-altering article. Goodrich cannot be praised too highly for his pioneering work in bringing to our attention the demonic nature of man in war time, and the depths of depravity to which man will sink when his mind is possessed by the unclean spirits that walk in darkness.

The wild chase increases in jungle girl fat burner until the enemy is finally flushed from the trees and onto the beach.

Halting their tanks, situating their machine guns for maximum effect, the marines open fire.

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Scores of Japanese are mowed down mercilessly. With no hope, with no escape, the survivors leap into the surf and try to swim for it.

Another scene I vividly recall seeing—and this only once—was a war documentary. A Japanese sailor is struggling in the water amid a flotsam of oil and debris, desperately trying to save himself. Clearly, he is a survivor from a recently sunk ship. The sailor is so close to the American naval vessel that I can see the fear and confusion in his face.

Suddenly, from a point beyond camera range, bullets spray the water around the man. In a panic, the sailor begins swimming around and around in circles. In those old documentary films that cover World War Two in the Pacific, there is a very good reason why one seldom sees a live Jap in any of them, much less a prison camp filled with live Japs.

Just as they were doing jungle girl fat burner Europe, Americans in the Pacific were taking no prisoners. The awful truth never mentioned in these films, or in any book, for that matter, is that the war with Japan from start to finish was a black flag no-quarter contest in which the rules of engagement were shockingly simple: If the Japanese won, they lived.

It was, by all standards, the most savage and sadistic such defeat in human history.

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Unlike the Germans who not only looked and acted jungle girl fat burner like the Americans, British, French, and Russians, and shared a similar religion and culture, the Japanese were outwardly, at least, very different from their opponents in World War Two. Most graphic, of course, was race and the fact that the Japanese were Asians. Although racially and culturally the enemy nations differed, prior to hostilities each side had no difficulty at all interacting amicably with one another.

Indeed, a great degree of mutual respect, even admiration, existed among the two peoples. All that changed pierderea în greutate tim webster a blink, of course, on December 7, Once the US Government and the entertainment industry were up and rolling, the natural outrage and racial instincts of white Americans took over. In the anti-Japanese furor that swept America following Pearl Harbor, in the hyper-heated madness to exact revenge for the attack, rare was that American who paused to consider that perhaps the impetus behind Pearl Harbor was the months of deliberate and humiliating aggression directed jungle girl fat burner Japan by the Franklin D.

Roosevelt administration, including the embargo of vital raw materials without which Japan was doomed to collapse as an industrialized nation. Well before December 7,such sanctions were correctly viewed by the proud Japanese leadership, as well as the world, as a de facto declaration of war by jungle girl fat burner United States.

Also, though few were aware at the time, it has long since been known that Roosevelt and others in the US government were well aware of the coming attack in the central Pacific. Bad enough in its own right, the chaotic mile forced march of over 70, American and Filipino troops captured after the siege of Bataan was made infinitely worse by the fact that many of the prisoners were already near death from lack of food and medicine resulting from the long siege itself.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of prisoners, unable to provide transportation, the Japanese could do little else but watch as hundreds of prisoners dropped dead along the road during the long march.

While General Eisenhower was busily murdering as many as a 1.

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Kill Japs! Kill more Japs! Kill the Germans! Like the American, British and Australian soldiers they were facing, most Japanese soldiers dreamed only of a day when the war was over; when they could return home in peace to family and friends; to marry a sweetheart; to pierdere de grăsime eca stack a family; to tend a small garden; to enjoy life.

Nevertheless, almost from the first, it soon became apparent to these young men that there would be, that there could be, no surrender. After scores of such encounters in which breathless comrades in hiding watched, waited, then witnessed the massacre of their unarmed friends, fewer and fewer Japanese soldiers entertained even the slightest notion of giving up.

Ironically, though murdering a helpless enemy may have brought some sadistic satisfaction to Allied soldiers, the failure to take prisoners insured that thousands of comrades would also be killed by an enemy now forced to dig in and fight to the death. It is also a fact that as the war wore on and defeat became certain, more and more Japanese soldiers would have gladly surrendered if only they could. When one marine battalion captured a Japanese field hospital containing over unarmed men, including patients and medics, all were slaughtered on the spot.

Other massacres occurred when hundreds, even thousands, of Japanese were driven onto beaches or small peninsulas where there was no hope of escape. But they seized their rifles and began using him as a live target while he dashed frantically around the clearing in search of safety. The soldiers found his movements uproariously funny. None of the American soldiers apparently ever considered that he may have had human feelings of fear and the wish to be spared.

Was it because they hated the enemy so thoroughly? As the admiral was well aware, his men were doing much more than just burning and drowning the enemy. With discipline lax or non-existent, those who wanted to torture, kill and mutilate, did. Desecration of bodies first began with the first islands invaded. Along a wide stream dividing jungle girl fat burner two armies on Guadalcanal, fresh arriving troops noticed decapitated Japanese heads stuck on poles facing across the river.

Marines tossed the dead and dying into open latrines while others laughingly urinated into the open mouths of the wounded.

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The collection of ears, noses, fingers, and other body parts was a pastime many marines proudly participated in. Some strung the trophies and wore them like necklaces. Japanese skulls were another popular trophy. Some were sent home to friends, family, even sweethearts.

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Bones were also collected. Some were carved to form letter openers for folks back home. Even the White House received one such present. A gift to his girlfriend? Understandably, when news reached Japan that the bodies of their sons and husbands were being wantonly abused and that the US president himself countenanced such atrocities, there was outrage.

After any battle or massacre, the mouths of the fallen were often the first stop for many Americans. One excited marine felt he had struck it rich after spotting a dead enemy.

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He put the point of his knife on the base of a tooth and hit the handle with the palm of his hand. The Marine cursed him and with a slash cut his cheeks open to each ear. He made a gurgling noise and thrashed wildly. The scavenger grumbled and continued extracting his prizes undisturbed. Sometimes ten, even twenty, Japanese would thus kill themselves simultaneously. Small wonder that a Japanese soldier, or civilian, for that matter, would do whatever it took to keep from falling into Allied hands.

At high tide the sharp coral rocks are almost covered with swirling surf. The Japanese civilians and the surviving soldiers were all crowded into this area. Now one of the worst horrors of the war occurred. In spite of loud-speaker messages asking them to surrender, jungle girl fat burner assurances that they would be well-treated, they began killing themselves.

Soldiers clutched hand grenades to their bellies and pulled the pins. Through our spotting scopes from our observation post I witnessed this sickening spectacle. One of the worst experiences of my life.

Nippo soldiers are just so much machine-gun practice.

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All were spared solely for the information they might provide. When the interrogation was through, the subjects were of no further use. A Japanese sailor whose ship or submarine was sunk stood no better chance of survival than his comrade on shore. US naval vessels routinely shelled all life boats and machine-gunned any survivors still in the water. Overhead, Japanese pilots who escaped from burning planes were themselves murdered by Allied airmen as they struggled in their parachute harnesses.

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Just as the Allied air forces were targeting cities and civilians in Germany, so too was the US air force incinerating the women and children of Japan.

Part 1 of this article may be read here. In Part 2, Goodrich concludes his analysis of American war crimes in Japan. We love to kill them. Killing Nips is the greatest sport known. We really get a kick out of hearing the bastards scream. As was the case with his peers in Europe, cigar-chewing, Jap-hating Gen. Curtis Lemay had no qualms whatsoever of targeting non-combatants.

Once his air armada moved with striking distance of the Japanese home islands, the American air commander sent his B bombers to attack Japan with high explosives and phosphorous bombs. Only the incineration of Dresden, Germany, with an estimated death toll of between , was greater. In January,Gen.


Douglas MacArthur forwarded to President Roosevelt a Japanese offer to surrender that he had just received. Roosevelt spurned the request. Seven months later, the new American president, Harry Truman, received virtually the same offer from the Japanese.

This time, the Americans accepted. Had the Japanese surrender been accepted when first offered, well over one million people, American and Japanese, would not have died needlessly. Had peace been jungle girl fat burner in January,there would have been no battle blood-bathes as occurred at Iwo Jima, Saipan and Okinawa. There would have been no firebombing murder of hundreds of thousands of women and children in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and every other major Japanese city.

And, perhaps most important of all, had the Japanese peace offer been accepted earlier there would have been no horrific use of atomic weapons against the women and children of Japan and no stigma or shame attached to we Americans forever for the use of such hideous and hellish weapons. The unbridled assaults against the helpless civilians of Japan were also a graphic comment on the powerful price of propaganda.

From beginning to end, American political and military leaders hoped to punish the Japanese like no other people in history had been punished. In fact, Truman deliberately prolonged the war until the bombs were tested, assembled, delivered, and ready for use against Japan.

When the first device exploded as planned at Hiroshima and vaporized an estimated 80, civilians, Truman was eager to use another such bomb against another civilian target, Nagasaki. Had Truman a hundred nuclear weapons in his arsenal—rather than jungle girl fat burner mere two that he jungle girl fat burner seems clear he would have happily dropped them all on the women and children of Japan.